R Honey Pots

Functional Pottery by Liz R & Honey Bee Rescue

Holiday Sale 2016:    11/19/2016

   This year I am going to try something new- an online holiday sale.  I will list items available for purchase on this page, 11/19/2016 at 10AM - 12/10/2006 5PM.  Unlike the other listings on my website, which are more representative than real-time products (I generally make them for the customer per order which takes 3 weeks or more), these will be limited quantity, freshly made, items that will ship out shortly after purchase.  The photo will be the actual product being mailed.  You can still order from my website and request things from my facebook and instagram feeds, but I will be saving some pots aside specially for this sale.    I will post photos of pots that will be in the sale in a gallery here but they will only become live on November 19th.

email me if you're interested or have questions: rhoneypots@gmail.com

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LizRHoneyPots

Ends:    12/11/2016

Here is my instagram feed: @rhoneypots.  I post photos of my pots as I paint them (unfired "greenware").. When I glaze fire them, I post all kiln-unloading photos to facebook (with a few choice ones to instagram). This is the most accurate documentation of my current projects/stock