OCF Petition for Permanence

R Honey Pots

Functional Pottery by Liz R & Honey Bee Rescue

Petition for a Permanent Spot at Oregon Country Fair

This form will send me an email which I will then collect and pass on to the board to boost my application for a permanent spot.  Please feel free to edit any part.  And THANK YOU for helping out!  If you choose to email them directly, you may, but I think it might have more impact  to send them on in bulk.

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Copy this text or write your own: As a customer of Liz's pottery and a fairgoer myself, I would like to see Liz return every year. She is respectful of the environment of the faire, her art meets the high quality bar to merit 5 OYO spots, and she brings a good attitude. I support her getting a permanent spot
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